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TWELITE SDK Terms of Use

All attachments to this SDK (source code, libraries, and documentation) shall be handled in accordance with the Mono-Wireless Software License Agreement (MW-SLA-1), with any separate license descriptions being handled in accordance with those descriptions.
In accordance with MW-SLA-1 (and based on a separate license, if any), you may use the deliverables generated by TWELITE SDK for any purpose, including commercial use. You are not obligated to disclose any modified portions.
When you release the modified source code, please attach it to the public based on the MW-SLA-1 license. If you need any other handling, please contact our support.
Please refer to the handling of materials.
※ If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact our support desk.

about TWELITE NET (alias TWENET, ToCoNet) library

  • It will be handled in accordance with MW-SLA-1.
  • The TWELITE NET library is non-warranty.
  • Compatibility between versions of the TWELITE NET library is not guaranteed.