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Support and response

Requests for assistance and problem reports should be directed to the technical contact of MonoWireless Ltd. However, this technical contact promises to respond to customers who have a separate support contract. In some cases, we may not be able to respond to your request or may not be able to reply to you. Please understand this in advance.
The following is a list of what we do and don't cover in our support service (based on the 2017/1-2 version, but service content may change without notice). Even if you do not have a support service contract, please read this as a principle of our support.

Support Service Implementation Items (Reference)

We will explain how to perform wireless communication based on basic sending and receiving APIs as a way to create firmware using TWELITE NET (basic use of the tool, basic sending and receiving procedures, use of peripheral APIs, advice on basic design and thinking, etc.).
However, we will NOT provide guidance on the following contents or methods.
  • Methods that exceed our standard TWELITE NET procedures or those described in the manuals we provide.
    • IEEE802.15.4 MAC layer or proprietary MAC layer is not supported.
    • ZigBee PRO stack library is not supported.
  • To provide a comprehensive explanation of how to develop firmware using TWELITE NET in one session.
  • Commentary based on internal information in TWELITE NET and definitions in the standards document.
  • Advice on hardware, enclosure design, antenna installation, and wireless system design specific to the customer's application

What is NOT covered by the support service (reference)

  • How to operate the computer, the operating system, other than our products, how to install device drivers, and how to solve problems related to them. (Please contact the manufacturer of each product.)
  • Inquiries on how to use the tool for functions that are not directly related to building the firmware for this module. (e.g. how to change the color of the tool's screen)
  • Use of the tool in a way other than the settings provided by support. (e.g., to use the tool in a special folder, or to apply a patch that we have not yet confirmed)
  • Provide workarounds and fix tools when they do not work properly due to other tools or installation environment. (We will guide you to use the tool in a clean installation environment.)
  • Response based on the assumption that the firmware was created by the customer. (Please cut out the problem and generalize your inquiry.)
  • Correspondence equivalent to debugging, development actions, and performance evaluation.(In the following cases, we may not be able to give you a full answer: Identifying problems with customer-generated code, Read and understand datasheets for third-party components used in your hardware, Questions from customers who have not fully read and understood the source code and documentation that we have provided for reference, etc.)
  • Corrections for inadequacies in APIs, development tools, etc.(We will do our best to suggest workarounds for any reported issues.)
  • Disclosure of non-public information that is not covered in the manual or other documents.
  • Guarantees against malfunctions, data loss, and other damages to computers and other equipment caused by the use of the tool.
  • Correspondence outside of our business days.
  • A request for a response that specifies the person in charge.
  • On-site and travel support.