TWENET working flow

We are sorry, the diagram is not translated.
The following diagram illustrates the basic flow of TWENET.
A more detailed description of the operation is given in the child pages of this page.
  • 電源投入またはスリープ復帰: Power up or Waking up from sleep
  • スリープ復帰: Waking up from sleep
  • スリープ実行: Perform sleeping
  • cbAppColdStart(FALSE): Declaration of the modules used
  • cbAppColdStart(TRUE): Network settings, Hardware initialization
  • cbAppWarmStart(FALSE): Determination of waking factors
  • cbAppWarmStart(TRUE): Hardware initalization
  • TWENET開始: Start the TWENET
  • イベント: incoming event
  • ユーザ定義イベント処理関数: User defined event handling functions